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Konu: Crass Yes Sir I Will
Mesaj : Libby Rae is an authentic Blues woman who has been playing Blues since the early 1970 s.
LaFame Micha SOY UN DON feat.
But the news that they d decided to record an album of new material rather than trawling through the many bootlegged outtakes and jams brought about a mild tingle of excitement, coupled with a jolt of fear that evoked the memory of The Weirdness.
Light It Up feat.
You talking money, need a hearing aid You talking bout me, I don t see the shade Switch up my style, I take any lane I switch up my cup, I kill any pain.
The final track Cradle is a good closer unless you count the hidden track afterward the closer, either way, great stuff and even if they do use a drum amchine since I hate them damn things but there s enough other things going on during this CD, you tend to forget they re using one.

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